Corporate Ipsum


Dynamically grow cooperative synergy for competitive leadership skills. Synergistically maintain revolutionary e-markets after innovative schemas. Appropriately administrate process-centric intellectual capital before best-of-breed infrastructures.

Seamlessly leverage existing go forward leadership with future-proof processes. Synergistically iterate real-time portals rather than client-centered channels. Completely procrastinate multifunctional portals vis-a-vis parallel human capital.

Conveniently matrix client-centered customer service rather than end-to-end relationships. Enthusiastically deploy sticky core competencies with viral solutions. Intrinsicly evisculate worldwide networks vis-a-vis tactical networks.

Efficiently utilize virtual schemas and vertical total linkage. Uniquely mesh next-generation quality vectors whereas effective outsourcing. Globally network holistic deliverables without innovative solutions.

Compellingly grow open-source internal or “organic” sources after clicks-and-mortar resources. Enthusiastically deliver distinctive e-services through effective communities. Authoritatively reintermediate just in time leadership vis-a-vis worldwide resources.

Seamlessly reconceptualize worldwide best practices without best-of-breed ROI. Intrinsicly fashion compelling technologies and user-centric initiatives. Holisticly exploit B2C e-business for virtual opportunities.

Mai vreti? Mai am.

PS Emil imi zice: “Super tare. Poti sa fii un fel de Cornel Dinu”. Adevarul e ca lumea e plina de genul asta de bullshit. Si multi il iau de bun, si uneori il spunem si noi

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