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Pentru cei care au ceva mai mult timp sa citeasca o chestie desteapta, uite un articol foarte tare din blogul Guardian despre dialog, despre libertatea de constiinta si despre chestionarea credintelor:

Religions don’t deserve special treatment

Mi-a starnit interesul pentru autor:  A. C. Grayling – profesor de filosofie la University of London. Aparent a scris si o carte despre bomdardamentele aliatilor in al doilea razboi mondial. Daca sunt justificate sau sunt crime.

Si inca o faza. Comparati nivelul comentariilor cu cele facute pe siturile ziarelor romanesti, chiar si a celor mai elevate. Mai avem drum mult de batut…

The point to make in opposition to the predictable response of religious believers is that human individuals merit respect first and foremost as human individuals. Shared humanity is the ultimate basis of all person-to-person and group-to-group relationships, and views which premise differences between human beings as the basis of moral consideration, most especially those that involve claims to possession by one group of greater truth, holiness, or the like, start in absolutely the wrong place.

We might enhance the respect others accord us if we are kind, considerate, peace-loving, courageous, truthful, loyal to friends, affectionate to our families, aspirants to knowledge, lovers of art and nature, seekers after the good of humankind, and the like; or we might forfeit that respect by being unkind, ungenerous, greedy, selfish, wilfully stupid or ignorant, small-minded, narrowly moralistic, superstitious, violent, and the like. Neither set of characteristics has any essential connection with the presence or absence of specific belief systems, given that there are nice and nasty Christians, nice and nasty Muslims, nice and nasty atheists.

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