Citate dintr-un recent mort mintos


“Sadder than destitution, sadder than a beggar is the man who eats alone in public. Nothing more contradicts the laws of man or beast, for animals always do each other the honor of sharing or disputing each other’s food. ”

“There is no more hope for meaning. And without a doubt this is a good thing: meaning is mortal. But . . . appearances, they are immortal, invulnerable to the nihilism of meaning or of non-meaning itself.
This is where seduction begins.”

“There is no aphrodisiac like innocence.”
“Disneyland is presented as imaginary in order to make us believe that the rest is real, whereas all of Los Angeles and the America that surrounds it are no longer real, but belong to the hyperreal order and to the order of simulation.”1b

“There exists, between people in love, a kind of capital held by each. This is not just a stock of affects or pleasure, but also the possibility of playing double or quits with the share you hold in the other’s heart. ”

“Perhaps our eyes are merely a blank film which is taken from us after our deaths to be developed elsewhere and screened as our life story in some infernal cinema or dispatched as microfilm into the sidereal void.”

Uite ca a murit si Baudrillard.  Sau o fi doar un simulacru?

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